Canine heart geometry, fibre, and sheet data files

Download the tar.gz and other files you require. To extract from .tar.gz files use

gzip -cd namexxx.tar.gz | tar xvf - 

To extract from the .gz files use

gzip -d namexxx.gz

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Data files

raw_data/README (1.2k, 20-Feb-2001)
raw_data/heart_raw.tar.gz (1.2M, 20-Feb-2001)
field_data/README (2.1k, 20-Feb-2001)
field_data/heart_f02.opfiel.gz (625k, 20-Feb-2001)
field_data/heart_f01.opfiel.gz (3.7M, 20-Feb-2001)
field_data/heart_r01.opfiel.gz (1.4M, 20-Feb-2001)
field_data/heart_r0025.opfiel.gz (63M, 20-Feb-2001)
cmiss_ipfiles/cmiss_ipfiles.tar.gz (59k, 20-Feb-2001)