Creating your own local version of CMISS


This document is to help a CMISS user create their own local version of CMISS. The primary use of this is to link in a CMISS user module (primary example being to link in cell modules to CMISS).
It works by compiling the user module in a local directory and then linking this in with the main CMISS objects to create a local executable. This linking can be done statically (all objects, libraries are compiled into the executable) or dynamically (objects, libraries loaded at run time). There are also options to create multiprocessing, optimised and 64/n32 bit executables.


Makefile Options

There are now a few Makefile macros/targets that you can use to create different executables/linking options, clean up, or generate help. These macros/options are outlined here:

Written by Richard Boyes on 17th October 2000 for Physiome Sciences Inc. Modified by Karl Tomlinson on 15thFebruary 2002.